Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Child Care for 3??

I was talking to a friend of mine this morning about child care. She asked if we had figured out what we are going to do once the twins come. No, we haven't. The thought of trying to figure it out makes my head spin.

Currently, I am working from home part-time and it is nice right now. But I long for more. I miss the office environment. So, my thought is to cobble together enough family to help from March-June next year so I can get in about 20 hours in my current situation--just to bring in a little money. Owen would still go to his day care 2 days/week. Of course, this presumes that my current employer will go for this and I can find some warm bodies to come help 2 days/week. Then, I would try to find a real job in the summer and Mike would take over. Then, when school starts again, well I don't know what to do then. I am thinking maybe a live-in au pair? Does anyone have any experience with obtaining one? This all assumes that I get a decent paying job. If I can't, then it becomes a wash--having 3 kids in full-time day care would be $1800/month. OUCH! Now I realize why people don't have as many kids these days. The option for me not to work and stay in our current home is not there.

What do people do who don't have to worry about money at all? I know we are very blessed and have more than most. I know that. But to not have to factor $$ in to decisions would be a huge shift. I don't know what I'd do.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

I am becoming more and more uncomfortable. I am still 3 months from my due date, but I feel like I am just about ready. I am trying to enjoy every minute of solitude and peace while we wait for our world to change. I am savoring every cuddle with Owen because there probably won't be as many come January. I am relishing my full nights of sleep too!

It is Fall and it is beautiful: changing leaves, crisp air, cold nights, apple cider and cozy sweaters. It is Mike's favorite time of year and I think I may have to concur.


DD said...

I don't have any major suggestions except whatever you decide, try to go with the one that offers the least amount of change-up. You will want all of your children to find a routine and the quicker you do, the happier EVERYONE will be.

Jennifer said...

One of the biggest factors we have to consider about #3 is daycare. We paid almost $14,000 dollars in daycare last year. It's a good facility and the health and well-being of our girls is worth every penny. Still, the idea of adding another to the mix is scary. Just like you, we can't afford our house and one of us not working. Given my age, waiting until Emma is in school isn't much of an option. Even then, my dream of being home when the kids get home from school would be blown out of the water. Is that more important than another child? Of course not, but still...

Okay, that was from the "what if" standpoint. Now let's talk about reality - you will have three children very soon. This is exciting and should bring a lot of joy. Although it might not feel like it at times, God doesn't give you more than you can handle. You and Mike are creative, intelligent people. You'll find a way. Even if you don't "like" some of the things you try, nothing is permanent. It won't be long until Owen is in kindergarten. By then, the girls would be old enough to not cost as much of a fortune to place in daycare. It'll all work out.

I hope that you don't get too uncomfortable before the end. Has there been a decision made about your actual delivery date? I can't wait to see pictures of your new little angels!