Monday, July 31, 2006

Dog Days

This post relates to 1. the heat of the summer and 2. our current situation with our dog, Saranac (Sara).

1. It is darn hot up here in Upstate NY--I can't even imagine how hot it is elsewhere.

2. We rescued a mixed breed puppy from a shelter in Fincastle, VA 6 years ago. She was a petrified little thing but we were so taken by her timidity. She has come a long way. We believe she was abused before she got to the shelter. She has always been very afraid of new people--especially men.

Since O was born and started walking, she has warned us several times that she didn't like his movements or grabbing. She has growled and shown her teeth. Well, she went one step further yesterday. Owen was coming up the stairs after he had gone potty and was swinging his underwear. He came up on her quickly and she was startled. She bit him on the ear. She didn't break his skin, but we feel that she has warned us for the last time. We are very afraid that the next time she gets spooked, it will be more serious. We just cant't take that risk.

So, it is with heavy hearts, that DH and I have decided that we need to find a new home for her. That is the easy part--making the decision. The hard part is getting it done and having to think about the possibilities. If we put her in a shelter, I know she will just get worse. She'll be so afraid. What if nobody adopts her (which is a good possiblity)? I can't even think about it. As soon as I do, I start crying. It tears my heart to think about it. She doesn't deserve this. She deserves better, but we can't give it to her in our home. She is a sweet, sweet dog who would make a wonderful companion for a family without children. It is breaking my heart..we are going to lose a family member. We have called some no-kill/foster situations and they don't take older dogs. Right now, we are exploring our options.

The climate in this house is not enjoyable. I break into tears just thinking about it and my husband is miserable and doesn't talk about it. We don't handle stress well together. Our styles are so different.

Once again, it feels so cathartic just putting this stuff down. Thanks for listening.