Sunday, June 08, 2003


I want this to be a topic that doesn't pertain to only one day. This is a section of my blog to devote to funny and interesting things that my son, Owen, says. Here goes!

Owen started reprimanding Murphy (dog #2) yesterday (I wonder where he learned to do that?). He kept telling him to stop. I said that he wasn't doing anything. To which Owen replies: "But he's gonna eat your computer"!
Soon after, Owen got on top of Murphy and said: "I think he wants to give me a ride".
Lately, Owen has been commenting on how many people are in the room. Last night, we were watching Dora before bed and he said "This is comfy--just you and me---one, two (holding up fingers)--just the two of us". Things like that make me realize how grown up he is getting. I have a feeling that we are only beginning to scratch the surface.

Owen joined us in bed around 5 AM this morning. I can't complain because he slept until 8 this morning. We watched Clifford in bed before heading to Miss Jennifer's. As we laid there, he asked me more than once: "Momma, do you want me to kiss you"? Melted my heart.

This one happened last night when Mike was putting Owen to bed. Every night after we turn out the lights, Owen asks us to please lay a couple minutes.
When Mike turned out the light last night, Owen got up and started dancing and singing "I like to move it, move it" (from the movie Madagascar).
Mike follows with: "I like to lay down, lay down". Owen repeated that.
Mike then said: "I like to cuddle, cuddle".
Finally, Owen said: "I like to layacoupleminutes, layacoupleminutes".

This morning when I dropped him off he started talking about Niagara Falls and all the different ways we could go down them: skateboard, trampoline. His stories were very exciting and told with great gusto. I love that about him.

Owen stood up on the ottoman last night and said "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...Welcome to the CIRCUS!". I asked him what show he got that from. He wouldn't answer, so I asked again. He hesitated, looked at the TV and said "Oprah". Where does he goet these things?

A new girl was starting at Miss Jenn's day care and was upset on her first day. Miss Jenn asked Owen to tell Ella what they play at Miss Jenn's. He responded with "Bella and I get nudie".

We were heading down to Virginia and we stopped in a hotel in Carlisle. The girls were screaming and Owen was nowhere near ready to settle down. After countless attempts to get him to settle in for the night, Mike was stern and told him he needed to lay down and go to sleep--for the last time. He said a few more things and as he walked away, Owen said: "And a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!".

After several months of winter with snow on the ground, Owen asked one day "Is there pepper in the snow?"

We always have a huge supply of cheese crackers on hand (thanks to Mike's dad). So, Owen gets those for snacks a lot. One day, we picked him up at day care and gave him a little bag of cheese crackers to which he replied "Cheese crackers AGAIN?". We had to admit he was right!

We were out shopping for our minivan and pulled up to eat a BBQ joint after looking one night. It was a cute little building and Owen exclaimed: "This place is ADORABLE!"