Friday, June 30, 2006


I have been reading blogs at an alarming rate lately. I get into the mommy blogs and before I know it, I am over in the cooking blogs. I am still not sure what my blog is going to be about.

I thought I'd get started with the good ol' 100 things about me. I've seen this many places in the bloggin' world. I think they call it a "meme". That is funny, because that is what Owen calls my mother. That is what all her grandchildren call her. I think it does mean grandmother in some language.

1. I was born where I currently live.
2. I have met Janet Reno and Ken Starr.
3. I took a cross country trip in 1999 and went to 4 major league baseball games along the way.
4. I am very stubborn. When I was little, I always used to say "I do".
5. I got stitches two times by the time I was two.
6. I have already had 3 abdominal surgeries.
7. I am married to Mike Myers. No, not that Mike Myers.
8. I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 1998.
9. I started dating my husband in the Outer Banks. It is one of my favorite places.
10. I attended an ivy league university: Cornell.
11. I still get a warm feeling when I drive into Ithaca (where Cornell is).
12. I majored in Industrial and Labor Relations.
13. I always wanted to go to law school.
14. One of the big reasons I wanted to go to Cornell was because our paper boy went there and I thought he was the coolest.
15. I used to play in a co-ed flag football league in D.C. I loved it!
16. My parents divorced when I was 10.
17. We had the craziest visitation schedule: Mon, Tues with Dad; Wed, Thurs with Mom. We alternated weekends and if we were with someone on Friday, Saturday, we went to the other house on Sunday. No surprise that I never felt settled.
18. I have 4 brothers: two are half brothers aged 17 and 15; the other two are 35 and 32.
19. Parenting is one area of my life where I feel very confident.
20. I love my church where I do not go often enough.
21. I am currently craving cheez whiz.
22. My favorite car ever was my 1993 Honda Prelude. I wish I still had it.
23. I played a lot of volleyball when I lived in D.C. I hope to return to it someday.
24. My first roommate in college was from Puerto Rico.
25. I want to become fluent in Spanish.
26. I have NO idea what I want to do when I grow up.
27. I enjoy my coworkers thoroughly--I miss them a lot now that I work remotely.
28. I am incredibly blessed in my life.
29. My dad's birthday is leap year.
30. My mom still climbs mountains at the age of 60.
31. The most secure place for me growing up was my grandmother's kitchen.
32. I used to correspond with my grandmother by mail even though we lived a few miles away. I still love to write real letters and receiving them: OHHHHHHHHHH, heaven!
33. I was very involved with a Christian youth group in high school. I took many good things away from that experience.
34. I want to go to Italy some day.
35. I want to take a cruise some day.
36. I went to an inner-city school for a half-year in 2nd grade. It was a somewhat traumatic experience. We were part of an experiment: the suburban-urban transfer (the opposite of bringing city kids to the suburbs for school).
37. My favorite food is chocolate, but it has to be dark.
38. I don't miss alcohol when I am pregnant--too much.
39. My greatest joy is hanging out with my husband and son.
40. I am an avid fan of the Wegmans grocery store. I received a scholarship from them for school.
41. My new favorite show is Grey's Anatomy--looking forward to next season.
42. Roanoke is the most beautiful city in which I have lived.
43. I broke a finger trying to catch a football. It hurts a woman to catch a football in the chest, but it hurts more to catch it with a finger.
44. Owen makes me laugh more than anyone.
45. My high school friends have gone on an annual "camping trip" for 16 years in a row. This year, we are going to a beautiful house in the Outer Banks.
46. My favorite national park (so far) is Zion. Climbing Angels' Peak changed my life.
47. I think life is too short to be bitter and angry.
48. I just celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary. It was the first event I have forgotten and my husband has remembered.
49. I am scared and thrilled to have twins.
50. I have found coming up with 100 things about me is hard.

I am going to take a break half-way and finish later.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lots of News

I guess when I wait for a period of time, I accumulate more things to write about. I can most definitely say I will never have this news again..

A little over 3 weeks ago, I had a positive pregnancy test. I got some blood work done to make sure my hcg levels were rising. I had had an ectopic pregnancy last time and this helps to indicate whether the pregnancy was progressing. The numbers were good. That gave me some peace of mind, but I was anxious to have an ultrasound and see the heartbeat.

I had my first appointment yesterday with the doctor. Surprisingly, they worked me in with the ultrasound tech that day. She began the ultrasound and once she got herself set up, she told me very plainly: there are two babies. I told her she had to be kidding. Nope, she wasn't. I was shocked and overcome with emotion. I conceived on Clomid, but it only increases your chances of multiples to 10%, so I just assumed there was one. SURPRISE! The due date for a singleton would be January 15, but with twins it should be earlier. Now, we are certainly not out of the woods at all. I have started to read about having multiples and am already making myself a little crazy. A good friend of mine said you already know what it is going to be like---just double everything from last time. I liked that logic, but my obsessive mind probably won't leave it at that.

So, our lives are going to change drastically and we'll manage. You never get more than you can handle, right? I don't know who exactly I'm writing this to, but it feels good to put it down. I can divulge my fears here, because in real life, I am supposed to be collected and excited. And, I am excited, just not able to wrap my head around this. I feel blessed beyond belief. I hope that God keeps everyone safe and healthy. Should be an interesting adventure...

I guess that is the biggest news I have to share. We are having Owen's birthday party this weekend. I am looking forward to that. Then, I have to go back to Dallas on Monday for the week. Hopefully, I won't have too much nausea. Nothing like being on a bumpy plane and feeling sick.

I guess that is all for now. I hope to make more regular updates. We shall see if I can come up with any other news.