Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Hardest Job I've Ever Done

I told Mike the other night that this is the hardest thing I've ever done. Hands down. Bar none. Caring for 3 kids under 3 all day long exhausts me emotionally, mentally and physically. Not to say that it isn't wonderful. It is. I have to remind myself of that while I'm trying to get all 3 of them out the door: dressed, fed, and changed. No small feat.

So, to remind myself what a blessing it is, I'll write 10 things that are wonderful about it:
1. When the girls smile at me.
2. Holding the girls while they nuzzle into my neck.
3. Having Owen say he loves me.
4. Having Owen say something funny that makes us just crack up like "This place is adorable!" when we pulled up to a BBQ joint the other week.
5. I sleep VERY well (I really earn it).
6. Owen telling stories to me and requesting that I do the same.
7. Watching the girls sleep.
8. Treasured moments to myself (like right now).
9. A real cooperation between Mike and I (and new appreciation).
10. Learning more and more how important my family is to me. They are getting us through this.

So, I must scoot off to spend some time with Owen before the girls wake up. It is getting easier in some ways and harder in other ways, but it is still the hardest job I've ever done.


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